A legacy video provides an opportunity for life stories and historical information to be preserved for future generations. Below are excerpts of some family history documentaries we have worked on.

Love life: Rock ‘N’ Roll, Cars and Happily Ever After

Heather talks about life and love in late 1950’s rural Australia — a time of rock ‘n’ roll, clapped-out cars and Saturday night dances.

Post War Suburbia: Children, Dinner Parties and Music

Ian and Shirley were eligible for a housing trust home in Adelaide after the second world war. Their street was filled with ex-servicemen and their families. Ian and Shirley discuss the good times they had while raising a family in 1950’s suburbia.

Childhood: Farm Life, Adventure and Strife

Heather explains what it was like growing up on a small farm surrounded by relatives, animals and a backyard ripe for exploration and horsing around.

Early Years: Hard Work, Hardship and Happiness

Heather’s mother raised her brothers and sister when both her parent’s died in the 1940’s. Heather’s father started work in a clay pit and ended up running his own tip-truck business. Heather reminisces about hard work, fond moments, and funny stories from her early years.