A person’s greatest gift is the life they have lived. At Memento Media we capture and celebrate life’s stories, preserving them for future generations in a video biography. Everyone has that friend or relative who is a great storyteller, knows all the family history and has led a really interesting life. A legacy recording provides an opportunity for life stories and historical information to be captured, enjoyed and cherished.


Our Legacy Video Packages

We research and conduct interviews that capture the information first-hand in a genuine and authentic way. We use professional equipment and expertise so that the precious stories, reflections, wisdom and essence of the individual are preserved as a living memory. Our focus is to ensure that everyone is comfortable with the process – your story, your words, your way.

Gift certificates are available. You will be directed to provide details after payment and an e-certificate will be sent to the address provided.

Memento Vignette

A poignant portrait. Capture the character of an individual with this record of some of the key moments in their life.

Purchase a 10 minute documentary — $1,499.

Moving Memoir

Celebrate a life well lived. Capture and preserve the essence of an individual by recording the precious stories and memories that tell their life story.

Purchase a 20-30 minute documentary — $2,499.

A Lifetime’s Legacy

A gift of a lifetime. A thorough record of an individual’s life journey, honouring the events and people that shaped them.

Purchase a 45-60 minute documentary — $4,999.


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